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Get Out & About

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Once you’ve had a baby, it is important to reconnect with the outside world so you don’t feel isolated and you can start to make new friends and get to know people who are in the same situation as you i.e. learning how to manage a baby, becoming new parents etc.

It’s also important for your baby to experience different environments, sounds and smells; to prevent them from developing a fear or intolerance of new situations.


Get some air and exercise

A brisk walk is great for your baby as he gets fresh air and walking with a pushchair is also a great way for you to exercise. Sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D necessary for bone structure and growth. In Ealing, parks and open spaces are well looked after, providing the perfect setting for you to develop a walking routine.

Remember that your baby, if in a pushchair, is low to the ground and more exposed to exhaust fumes. Try to walk regularly away from dense traffic.


Meet other mums and dads

Find a stay and play session near you at www.ealingfamilies.org.uk  These normally operate as a drop-in and you stay with your baby, talk to other parents, make new friends, whilst your baby starts interacting with other children and participating in the activities available.


Library clubs

Most libraries have a children’s corner and children’s reading sessions. Read to your baby and get them used to listening and enjoying the different emotions and expressions you’re expressing as you read. Again, this is an opportunity to meet new people and connect; and for your baby to interact with other children.


Children’s Centres

There are 27 children’s centres in the London Borough of Ealing. Children’s centres are a hub of activity and offer different services to families with young children. As well as stay and play sessions, there will be other activities for you to enjoy and benefit from. To find your nearest children’s centre visit www.ealingfamiliesdirectory.org.uk



Getting out with baby can sometimes be a bit stressful as you try and get everything and everyone ready.


Helpful Tips:

1. Repack the nappy bag after each outing

Repack your nappy bag every time you get home. If you used two nappies and a change of clothes, replace them straight away and put the bag by the door ready to go for next time.


2. Know what to keep on hand

Have blankets, a flannel for messy moments, a dummy, nappies, wipes and suitable clothing accessories such as a sun hat for summer and woolly hat for winter.


3. Think about timing

If you have a bit of a drive or walk ahead it’s often best to go around naptime. However, if you’re catching up with friends it might be easiest to go while your baby is awake. With a newborn, it may be a good idea to go out just after a feed as you’ll have a couple of hours before the next feed.


4. Have a selection of equipment that works for you

There are some situations you will find a push chair best, and other times you prefer your child in the sling or carrier. You might have other pieces of equipment or other props that work well for you.


5. Dress your baby appropriately

Dress your baby with light layers which offers a simple way to adapt to any changes in temperature from the outdoors to the indoors. Pack a nappy bag with everything you think you could possibly need for the trip – then add a few more. You’ll need a change of clothes (or two) and a few nappies and all you’ll need to change your baby. The better prepared you are before leaving the less anxious you’ll be when you leave the house.

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